Over mij

Who am I?


My name is Annemarie Vorstenbos

When we got our English Cocker Spaniel Joy 14 years ago, we couldn't find many nice collars and leashes. That's why I started making them myself. I used to follow the KMBO Fashion & Clothing course, so I knew a thing or two about working with fabrics and materials.

Finally I started 2008 with ANNJOY. Initially it started as a hobby, but now 12 years later, I can combine the 1 woman company next to my job as a taxi driver for student transport.

All items from ANNJOY are made by hand, I use extra thick and sturdy polypropylene nylon strap as the bottom band. On this I then sew the decorative ribbon, which can consist of grosgrain ribbon, cotton, velour, rib fabric, woven tape or fabric. The closures are made of strong plastic, aluminum or steel, all from an original Pet hardware store.

Are you looking for something special or do you have a special wish, I am also here for you.

I will always do my best to help you and if it doesn't work out, I'll tell you honestly.

I have been selling the collars through Bol.com for a number of years.

I made this website to see which collar you like and how it looks on a dog, all collars have a name so that it is easier to search, the photo of the collar contains the direct link to the article on Bol. com.

From now on you can also order via this site (handy if you don't live in NL) under menu buttonTO ORDERdescribes exactly how to do this.

For questions(contact) , requests, more products and Instagram  

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PS. In recent years Joy had become blind as you can see in the video.

Sadly Joy passed away in 2021, but she still remains my inspiration as to why it all started.