Why only sell via Bol.com?

This question is very simple to answer.
Bol.com is easy(er) to find, people find it familiar.
I used to have a webshop but due to lack of time I now only sell via Bol.com NL,
for people from Europe (or people who prefer to order here), you can click the button TO ORDER order via this site anyway, I have created an order form, it says exactly what and how!
Besides Annjoy, I also have a super fun part-time job as a taxi driver for student transport, and anyone with their own company knows that you have to be working on this full-time. 
Annjoy is certainly reliable, we have been a sales point for dog collars for years now.
For further questions you can contact us via the Contact Form.
I hope I can make many more nice collars for your dog!

*NOTE: Only the collars in the photo are for sale on Bol.com, on this site you can choose from different colours/types of closures. 


Warranty conditions:

You have a 2 month warranty on the item.

Warranty does not apply to negligence of the product such as a broken buckle or strap

* Repair instructions:

Repairs (and shipping) are at your own expense (after consultation with the seller)